Scholarship Presentation

Lucero Sanudo receives a Trendsetter ABWA Scholarship!


At the July dinner meeting, the Trendsetter Chapter was fortunate enough to present a $1000 scholarship to student Lucero Sanudo who is gaining her degree from the Certified Nurses Education Institute in Palm Spring, CA. Lucy, as she likes to be called, attended the meeting and received her check after sharing a little bit about herself and her education goals.
Sharon Smith, the Education Chair, shared some of Lucy’s life story and her dedication to the health field. Lucy had become inspired to help in the medical industry and has focused on completing her degree while still working full time and helping her family. Learning about women like Lucy reminds us why it is so valuable to have a local scholarship.

Lucy’s scholarship will go toward helping her in her studies, and the chapter also provided her with a gift card to go toward anything she wanted. Just something to make life a bit easier for a month or two.

We would like to say a special thank you to Edwina Dirk, Dean of CNEI, and to Sharon Smith, for the commitment and time they dedicated to making the scholarship process successful. A lot of behind the scenes work is involved in getting applications processed and reviewed. Their willingness to take charge for the benefit of a student in need speaks volumes of their quality. (We already knew how wonderful they were, of course.) Thank you, Edwina and Sharon, for giving the Chapter the opportunity to give back to the community and to think beyond our own daily lives.

Good luck Lucy! The Trendsetter Chapter wishes you tremendous success in your studies and your future. Don’t ever stop learning. Don’t ever give up. Please know that you have women out there that want you to succeed and are cheering you on even when you hit those tough moments. You are always welcome to our meetings, and we hope you might take advantage of some of the benefits ABWA membership has to offer.

For those interested in learning more about the Scholarship opportunities, talk to Sharon Smith at the next meeting.

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